Oenogenesis Drama

The story of the Oenogenesis estate is planted in 2007 by the Oenologist Bakis Tsalkos who is not only known for his passion for grapes and wine, but also for what he creates and its quality. Tsalkos doesn´t compromise.

With his long course, Bakis Tsalkos now leads his son Alexandre Tsalkos to the secret paths of wine production.

His young follower, who studied in France, is possessed by the spirit of his father´s creative anxiety.

The vineyards are in the prefecture of Drama and Kavala, where today they occupy an area of 300 acres.

The Estate is a large 4,000 sqm castle-house, inspired architecturally by the Old Macedonian Mansions. It can be defined as a perfect combination of innovation and tradition with its respect for people, the landscape and the environment.

The winery is designed to fulfil two main purposes: The production of “large” wines with very high standards at all stages of the winemaking process and wines with “consistency and continuity in time”.

Respect for the environment, the flora and the fauna of the area, are the inviolable rules for the estate. The varieties grown are Greek: Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Xinomavro, Moschato, and the ´international´ Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Ugni Blanc, Viogner, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet France and Merlot.

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