Estate Hatzigeorgiou was founded in 1952 by Vasileios Hatzigeorgiou, a pioneer and visionary farmer, who made a private land consolidation and formed an estate of 185 acres in Karyani. He realized the potential of the region for viticulture and created one of the first systematic vineyards with Greek and French varieties.

To the north, Mount Pangeon stands as a prominent landmark which offers its name to local wine. To the south, the Strymonian gulf encompasses the locality with the blue of the Aegean Sea. Hilly landscape with meridional orientation, shed in sunlight and exposed to the beneficiary sea breeze in the summer months enrich the soils with regular calcium content and light to good drainage.

The management of the estate was passed on to his son Vassilis Hatzigeorgiou, who implemented an extensive restructuring of the vineyard through modern cultivating methods and in accordance to high environmental standards.

At the same time, he experimented with wine-making, producing local wine which was extremely popular in the wider region. In 2006, Vasilis Hatzigeorgiou and his wife, Rae, set off to create a modern and Mediterranean-styled winery.

The vineyards of the estate cultivate the varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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