Costa Lazaridi

Costa Lazaridi

´Behind a good wine there is always a good story´. Nothing could be truer.

In 1979 Costa Lazaridi, “infected” by the wine bug in Germany, where he spends a lot of time for the family marble business, establishes in Xiropotamos, on the slopes of Mount Falakro, the first modern linear vineyard in Drama.

Since the 70’s, Costa Lazaridi deeply believed that his homeland can produce high quality wines, able to compete in the world stage and turn Drama into a City of Wine.

The first plantings of 1979 covered just 8,5 hectares, but the chosen grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and the Santorinian Assyrtiko, are tried for the first time in the soils and climate of the region. The results are so impressive that they become the backbone of winemaking for the whole district.

The Estate, located in one of the most important centres of Dionysian worship, includes a 15.000 square metre building with a winery, a distillery, underground ageing cellars and areas for the reception of visitors apart from the vineyards.

The three core wine families, Amethystos, Château Julia and Domaine Costa Lazaridi cater for all tastes and all occasions.

The company also owns a distillery which produces the tsipouro “Idoniko”, and Balsamic vinegars.

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