Biblia Chora

Biblia Chora Pangeon

According to the legend, Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine, was raised on the Pangeon Mountain. Biblia Chora Estate, with Pangeon Mountain rising behind and its vineyard overlooking the Aegean Sea, creates a tableau in which the winery, colours and sounds create a harmonious whole.

Here, the rocky soil and climate, influenced by the cooling Aegean breezes, are key to growing the grapes used to make premium wines.

Having this in mind, the two oenologists, Vangelis Gerovassiliou and Vassilis Tsaktsarlis, selected the location and planted the estate’s first vines in 1998 which have grown to encompass about 48 hectares.

Ongoing experimentation with the Greek varietals at the estate aims to assess how well they have adapted to the region and to evaluate their wine potential. Significant emphasis is also given to cultivating some lesser-known Greek varietals endemic to the Mount Pangeon region, with hopes of reviving them.

Biblia Chora’s Areti Red, made of the Greek noble varietal Agiorgitiko, is the varietal´s first successful ´escape´ from the Nemea region and it probably raised the bar very high even for the Nemeans.

Its white version, Areti White, made of the Greek indigenous grape Assyrtiko has an explosive mineral character and is not to be missed.

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