Taste Greek Wines of Kavala & Drama

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Every wine is an Odyssey!

Greece has arguably one of the longest wine histories in the world, wine has always been an integral part of Greek culture since antiquity.

Wine, along with bread and olives, and especially olive oil, were not only the basic and necessary aspects of the traditional Greek diet but were considered part of the divine—a gift from the gods.

In Greek mythology, the god of wine and theatre is Dionysus, and it was thought that he discovered viticulture. Legend says that when Ampelus, Dionysus’ lover, died, a vine branch grew from his body. Ancient Greeks used to honour gods with festivals and Dionysus was honoured with a festival called The Dionysia, when men drank wine and offered new plays. The origins of tragedy and comedy were tied with the worship of the god, Dionysus.

In ancient Greece, wealthy men often gathered for decadent banquets called symposia, meaning ‘to drink together.’

It was not only an occasion for enjoying wine, but also for thinking and philosophizing. Drinking wine and eating food as social acts became the basis of civilization, as means of learning, socialization, religious life and significantly, philosophy.

Wines of Greece, with over 300 indigenous varieties, offer far more than pleasing aromas and flavours – these wines are living snapshots inside an autochthonous time capsule.

We invite you to a unique journey full of new tastes and mythology. You will receive a warm welcome by Greek winemakers, who take pride in their dedication to create high quality wines and explore new tastes made of indigenous Greek grapes as well as international varieties. You will see state-of-the art wineries in this scenic part of the Aegean and see the wine production in all its phases. While sipping a glass of Greek wine, you will learn more about the history of winemaking in Greece and mythology. It will enrich your previous wine experiences and leave you with notes of Dionysian festivity.

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